Get your dream job and increase your network through LinkedIn

Are you facing an important career change and not sure what to do next?

I will help you define your goals and teach you proven strategies that have helped over 500 of my clients get their dream job. Stop sending 100s of CVs, become a wanted prospect through the power of positioning.


Years of corporate experience, leading a team of 55 people

500+ Clients

In the past 15 years I have had the honour of helping hundreds of people to get their dream job

5,000+ Hours

of consulting in multiple industries

25 %

Is the average increase in salary after my consultation

Feeling stuck in your career?

😣 Sending CVs and not hearing back?

😞 Scared of being rejected?

🤷🏼‍♂️ Don’t know what pay to ask for?

😞 Insecure before your interview?

😡 Deserve a promotion, but haven't received one?

👨🏻‍🦳 Wondering if it's too late to change your career?

Sulista Consulting helps you

Gain leverage at your working space

Position yourself as an expert so companies will approach you

Getting you in front of decision makers

Providing you with detailed information about your value in the market

By giving you access to our professional network

By one on one interview role playing

Hi, I’m Vaclav

32 Years ago I came to Switzerland from Czechia to join my lovely wife Isabella. I have had the honour to have a long career in a big Pharma company and today I help people to pursue the career of their dreams. I know how quickly circumstances in the workplace can change and how it can lead to suffering.  Being a  father of 3 wonderful daughters I know that we are all humans first and employees second. This is why I started Sulista Consulting. It is my mission to help people transform, so they too can have a desirable life and passion-driven career.

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What my clients say

Why work with me?

new job
career coach

Human approach

Everyone is different and requires a unique approach. Although I follow my proven process I always listen to you as an individual and adapt our journey to your needs. Sometimes we need somebody to guide us in the right direction.

Goal oriented

We both succeed when you succeed. That’s why my service fees are performance based. With me you don’t get just a consultant, but a partner for your career.

career consultant
linkedin consultant
linkedin coach
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Career partner

Consulting often ends after a few sessions, but with Sulista Consulting you have a partner for the rest of your career. You are welcome to return anytime, be it with questions or concerns, and you have a life-long access to our professional network.

My process

Free call

Before we start the consultation process, we ensure we are a good fit.

Career analysis

Our work begins with an analysis of your current work situation. I help you define your goals and show you how to search for the best suitable jobs that fit your profile and fulfill your desires.

Update profile

I show you how to update your LinkedIn profile to make you a attractive prospect in your chosen field.

Networking plan

Together we define your target group and I teach you how to connect with potential employers to speed up the process for taking your next career step.

Prepare for interview

When you are invited for an interview, it often seems like you are in an inferior and dependent position. Your counterpart most likely interviews candidates for a living and knows the drill, whereas you last interview probably was a while ago. Through role play you will strengthen your interview skills and gain confidence.

New Job / Promotion

It's time to celebrate your new job or promotion! Every journey starts with the first step. Are you ready?

My offer

Each offer  consists of a fixed fee and a success fee, which keeps both our goals inline.
I will do what is in my power to get you the desired results. 

Get a Job

  • Career analysis
  • Update LinkedIn Profile
  • Networking strategy
  • Interview role play
  • Usually between 2-8 weeks
  • Up to 10 meetings

975 CHF Including VAT plus a one time 1 % success fee of your gross yearly salary

Better Job

  • How to initiate promotion discussion
  • Define your worth on the market
  • Negotiation role play
  • Help you craft assessments presentation
  • Usually between 3-12 weeks
  • Up to 15 meetings

1’950 CHF Including VAT plus a one time 1 % success fee of your gross yearly salary

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30 minute free consultation

There is no financial obligation when you come to our first meeting. I will give you an overview of my consultation process and how I can help you, should you decide to take my offer. Together we will determine if we are a good fit to move forward.

Are you being outplaced or are you a professional who got the daunting task of letting go of some of your loyal employees and you want the best for them?