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    Whether choosing a career direction, conducting a job search, considering career improvement, or trying to simply impress your boss or clients, you will need an expert career consultant to audit your case and lead you through taking the necessary steps in the most efficient and effective way. Let me be that change that will open your way!

    branding solutions for big and small clients

    Expert Branding and Online Presence Solutions for Individual and Corporate Clients

    01. Branding

    committed to success


    Starting with your LinkedIn profile strengths and weaknesses, what motivates you and sets you apart, your vision, statement, mission, and goals, I will assist you in your career transition or marketplace penetration by reinforcing your personal or corporate brand across communication channels.

    02. Interview Training

    managing personal change


    As a career coach, I will facilitate a supportive working relationship through interview role play developed on your individual goals. I will help you assess your difficulties and understand your abilities and potential so that you answer difficult questions with confidence and transmit your true value to recruiters.

    03. Networking

    focused on goals


    Networking is mandatory if you want to succeed in both your career and business. I will work with you on establishing the right networking habits so that you optimize your communication and pass not as a needy person but a professional other people would be happy to work with and count on.

    04.  Job Search Coaching

    creating outcomes


    As job market shifts and career ladders merge, competition increases leaving many skillful professionals off-track. I offer you valuable tricks and tools on how to optimize your job search and get the career you will feel happy with.

    05. Salary Negotiation

    dedicated to people


    At some moment in your career, you will probably feel that you are leaving money on the table. Through different techniques and packages, I will show you how to rationally lead a successful salary negotiation discussion resulting in a winning negotiation for you.

    06. Resume Writing

    managing cultural differences


    A well-written and ATS-optimized resume, cover letter, and content would be your fitting glove as an entry-level, mid-career, executive, consultancy, and senior leadership-level professional that needs to reinforce the range in skills and experience.

    Articles with Practical Guidance

    from career change expert Vaclav Sulista

    30 + years

    Managerial Experience

    13 + years

    Coaching Experience

    350 +

    Trusted Clients

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    vaclav sulista

    Vaclav Sulista

    Certified Career Coach and Consultant CTAS/ISO/ICI

    With a post-master degree in Analytical Chemistry and numerous certifications and awards, Vaclav Sulista has occupied Human Resources positions for more than 30 years and exercises as a career coach for more than 13. In October 2020, Vaclav Sulista has been appointed Honorary Consul of Czechia in Basel, Switzerland.

    FAQ: Get Informed

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I speak German, Swiss-German, English, Czech, Slovak, and Russian. My team manages a few additional languages such as French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, and Bulgarian in that number.

    Vaclav Sulista has spent more than 30 years of industry-related C-level and Human Resources Management experience as a member of Management Boards and Boards of Directors and a Middle Manager in Novartis Pharma AG. Expertise in Quality Assurance, Development, and Manufacturing, leading up to 60 direct reports. Conducted more than 300 interviews and numerous corporate-wise recruitment sessions.


    • Post-master degree in Analytical Chemistry from the Charles University
    • Certified Coach and Consultant (CTAS/ISO/ICI)
    • Certified APICS Supply Chain as CPIMCSCP
    • Further education in areas such as Efficient Interviewing for Managers, Managing of Managers, Corporate Relations, etc.


    • Father of a Big Family
    • Successful Serial Entrepreneur
    • Expert International Business Negotiator
    • Honorary Consul of Czechia in Basel, Switzerland

    A unique human-centered and future-focused approach defines the very essence of Vaclav Sulista: with a smile on his face and a goal-focused routine, he will tackle with you your difficulties every step of the way, will facilitate you career tools towards success as your professional exchange develops and will accompany you with enthusiasm and empathy no matter the circumstances you are going through. Always respectful to your time and investment, Vaclav will answer your questions in a straightforward and sincere manner, without pushing on you endless marketing campaigns and chained promotions. Working with Vaclav Sulista, you will profit from his international experience on the upper levels of talent hunting and human resources management and motivation. Mindful about interpersonal synergies, he will relate to you with utmost transparency and will remain responsive so that you achieve your goals within the initially set-up time frame. Do you have questions? Ask him personally.

    The coaching process is split up into different stages:

    1. Kickoff stage: free first consultation to evaluate synergies and determine whether we can work together.
    2. Assessment stage: goal setting of short and long-term goals.
    3. Exploration stage: one-on-one coaching sessions to help you understand yourself better and segment needs, skills, abilities, and related difficulties to overcome and drawbacks.
    4. Development stage: learn about different careers and understand the components and requirements that go with each one to establish a personalized career road map that works.
    5. Action stage: depending on the service you have chosen, at this stage, we will create a tactical plan to fine-tune your plans and get you from where you are today to where you want to be OR will work to deliver the services you have paid for in the case of something more tangible.
    6. Review stage: gather feedback on what works for you and readjust the approach and tools as needed.
    7. Follow up: some people hire Vaclav Sulista to continue accompanying them even after the career transition has been fulfilled. Moral support from an unbiased and independent career coach most of the time works better for high-level profiles but it has proven to be useful for people who are too much introverted or go through personal difficulties as well.

    Need something else? Contact Vaclav Sulista personally.

    For downloadable resources and courses, prices are set up in Swiss franc CHF and taxes apply as set up in your Cart Overview before paying. Those are to be paid in full before access to the materials and courses.

    For coaching, brand, and annexed services, prices are set up in Swiss franc CHF for information purposes only. Each client is billed as per the prices set forth in a Personal Proposal Vaclav Sulista studies with you beforehand. Payment in full at the beginning of the contractual relationship is the standard procedure but other terms may be agreed upon as well as split-payments.

    For more information and an individual case examination, contact Vaclav Sulista personally.

    Vaclav Sulista offers a guarantee on services of up to 14 days after purchase. For downloadable materials and courses, this guarantee may not apply since it is considered volatile content that is consumed at the moment of you accessing and/or downloading it. For more information, contact Vaclav Sulista personally.

    All materials and downloadable content on this page have been created to serve Vaclav Sulista and are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws globally. You are not allowed to sample, reproduce, use, modify, sell, or else, any fragment or the integrity of the published materials throughout all platforms of Sulilsta GmbH. For more information or a preliminary authorization in writing to use or feature a material, you have found or bought on any Sulilsta GmbH platform, in any way that may infringe our rights, contact Vaclav Sulista personally.

    Before Coaching

    Salary Negotiation
    Resume Power
    Job Search Resources
    Self & Skills Awareness
    Interview Preparation

    After Coaching

    Salary Negotiation
    Resume Power
    Job Search Resources
    Self & Skills Awareness
    Interview Preparation

    Sulista Price Packages

    I save you time and money to prevent burnout

    Online Presence

    from199CHFper project
    • LinkedIn / Xing Optimization
    • Brand Audit & Optimization
    • Resume Writing
    • Cover Letter Writing
    • Proofreading and Editing
    • Article Writing / Ghostwriting
    • Marketing / Sales Materials
    • Translation and Localization
    • Publishing Services
    • Visual Identity Optimization
    • Social Media Optimization
    • and much more ...

    Growth Coaching

    from690CHFone month
    • 3 X Coaching Sessions
    • LinkedIn Overview
    • Resume Critique
    • Profile Optimization
    • Job Search Strategy
    • Networking Plan
    • Documentation
    • Chat Support
    • and much more ...

    Professional Coaching

    from1590CHFtwo months
    • 6 X Coaching Sessions
    • Interview Role Play
    • LinkedIn Overview
    • Resume Critique
    • Profile Optimization
    • Job Search Strategy
    • Networking Plan
    • Documentation
    • Chat Support
    • and much more ...

    Executive Coaching

    from3500CHFthree months
    • Unlimited Coaching Sessions
    • Interview Role Play
    • LinkedIn Overview
    • Resume Critique
    • Profile Optimization
    • Job Search Strategy
    • Networking Plan
    • Network Access
    • Documentation
    • Chat Support
    • and much more ...

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    Private Clients Reviews

    Vaclav Sulista’s reputation as a certified career coach is supported with evidence such as case studies, social media posts, blog post reviews, interviews, press reviews, peer reviews, and testimonials by people whose occupation ranges from apprentices to high corporate profiles.

    The top five qualities Vaclav Sulista has been praised for are professionalism, punctuality, quality, responsiveness, and value. With proven human resources experience on the corporate level, Vaclav possesses an exceptional approach to all kinds of people and a unique cosmopolitan view on human relations. His plasticity is especially cherished for he has the capacity, empathy, and patience to lead other people through a process of opening up to new opportunities.

    Zvezda Drencheva

    Sr. Global Planner

    October 2020

    I was fortunate to meet with Vaclav as a Career Coach. He is knowledgeable and full with fresh personalized ideas on how to build your brand and take your career to the next step. Vaclav has the natural ability to connect with people and understand their goals. He creates friendly, professional and inspiring atmosphere where you feel challenged, enlightened and ready to move forward. He is a true pleasure to work with. Thank you so much, Vaclav for all the good energy and dedication!

    Pavel Mikeska

    Technical Specialist

    November 2020

    I met Václav on LinkedIn and decided to help me. At that time I was out of work and I couldn't get any. It was also more complicated because I completely changed my field of work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Václav went through my career history with me and helped me how to set up and use LinkedIn and also how to succeed in an interview.
    I must say that our cooperation was successful. Thanks to his advice, I got a great job!

    Cristina Barbero

    Sustainability Expert

    December 2020

    I had the great fortune to meet Vaclav at a time when my expectation on work was less than zero. Vaclav managed with professionalism and scientific approach, cloaked by empathic and human charge, to dismantle my false beliefs... The result was openness, energy, and new approach to old themes and fears: the right recipe to change job with enthusiasm and satisfaction. I am very happy with the journey made with him. I highly recommend Vaclav: to reveal your immense potential is priceless.

    career coaching solutions for big and small clients

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