I serve people from all over the world and help them advance in their career transition and also serve companies in talent acquisition and training, and as a mediator between entities. Find below some random feedbacks on my work and contact me should you need more information about career transition and employee coaching.

Zvezda Drencheva

Sr. Global Planner, Honeywell, 2020

I was fortunate to meet with Vaclav as a Career Coach. He is knowledgeable and full with fresh personalized ideas on how to build your brand and take your career to the next step. Vaclav has the natural ability to connect with people and understand their goals. He creates friendly, professional and inspiring atmosphere where you feel challenged, enlightened and ready to move forward. He is a true pleasure to work with. Thank you so much, Vaclav for all the good energy and dedication!

Alpaslan Keser

EMEA Regional Director, Bayer Consumer Care AG, 2020

Vaclav offers a best in class coaching support in combination with customized recommendations. As he comes from a professional background, he is well aware of the business challenges and future trends. Vaclav can always surprise you with a new skill set that he recently developed thanks to his never-ending energy. He is generous to spread this energy to whoever requires it.

Shaun McMillan

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, 2020

Vaclav is the definition of Career Coach in the dictionary. He helped me create my personal brand, taught me how to professionally network, and how to write a very persuasive motivational letter when applying for jobs. He is supportive, full of empathy, and has had my back in areas when I've needed just that: someone who is there, by my side, and encouraging me every step of the way to support me finding a company where I could use my personal strengths and experience.

Ish Sachdeva

CEO, Digital Marketing & Brand Consulting, 2020

Vaclav is a passionate about building leaders and reshaping your career and is a real deal to take your skills at next level. Also his mastery on getting your linkedIN profile revamped is extraordinary.
I Strongly suggest to talk to him and take the next step in your career journey.

Mangold Mikel

Open Innovation Consultant, 2020

Sulista was helping during my career transition and provide me valuable advice for my LinkedIn profile - that I implemented - and valuable materials for interviews with top Pharma Companies in Basel. Highly recommended for a job-seeker in the pharma industry.

Pavel Mikeska

Technical Specialist, Devoteam, 2020

I met Václav on LinkedIn and decided to help me. At that time I was out of work and I couldn't get any. It was also more complicated because I completely changed my field of work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Václav went through my career history with me and helped me how to set up and use LinkedIn and also how to succeed in an interview. I must say that our cooperation was successful. Thanks to his advice, I got a great job!

Zeynep Çakıroğlu

Supply Chain Manager, 2020

Vaclav is a great person and a great coach. I feel myself lucky because I had the chance to work with him for some time. It was great to have Vaclav as my career coach! He is very efficient and very friendly. He is the best career coach ever!! He is the person you are looking for if you want to make a big change in your professional life.

Ashwini Gensert

Head of Operations, 2020

I find myself lucky to have found this coaching program. Vaclav Sulista is very professional, shares great content to learn from , very effective methods to improve and most of all great human to get to know personally. This program brings added value by highlighting what is most important to your career.